Pore Reduction
Crew Cooling Massager

Cooling effect after only 2 seconds


soothing the skin and alleviating swelling


relax muscles and relax tension

Easy-to-use design

Easy-to-use design, anytime, anywhere

The main cause of skin aging is fever
accomplice is ultraviolet

Why is heat the culprit of aging of the skin?

Right now, if your hands are hot,
Skin aging in progress

According to recent studies, Heat as well as UV is presented as having a large and important effect on early aging of skin.[Journal of Dermartological Science Supplement Volume 2, issue 1, December 2006, Pages S13-S22]​

According to a report by the Seoul Medical School, three and a half minutes a week and six weeks later, the skin will be peroxide, breaking down collagen and elastin in the dermis, causing wrinkles.

Effects of ICHA

My skin was always hot and hot, After using ICHA, of course,facial redness sedation, skin trouble sedation and skin elasticity. I'm so satisfied with the effects beyond my expectations.
Kim **
Real user

Try it with ampoule or moisturizer

When eating, sleeping and waking up, crying and sleeping, swollen eyes to double-coupled It's the best way to ease swollen eyes. (Recommended highly by anyone who's operated on a double-gubble surgery.)
Park **
Real user
on long flights It's the best for leg I've had for a long standing. working at the galley on the injured wrist I don't want ice packs every time,One cooler and it's over. I've never seen such products abroad.
crew of flight


Oxygen membrane coating

Skin-stimulating oxygen membrane coating
It’s safe to use. 
Even if it’s used after cremation, 
Don’t worry about wearing make-up powder.
You have to choose a product that touches my skin directly.

Only 136g, portability best

Whenever I want to use it, 
Any time, anywhere, 
Easy to use. 

Offers dedicated pouch for easy portability

Vibration massaging function

Just coolestick, good-bye 
ICHA with vibration massage 
reduction of swelling, cooling up
It also adds skin elasticity. 
Face skin and high vibration (large amplitude) no-no
Fine vibration is more effective than high vibration to absorb the validity of particulates or cosmetics.