Is the air around you fresh?
We Always exposed to viruses, germs and fungi..

Aren't you worried about it?

If so, anywhere you want, just turn on the switch

Because, you must be needed Plasma ionizer, right now!

Plasma Ionizer Series

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Our plasma ion generator designed by applying ‘HADES MODULE 3.0’ which has strong deodorization function that remove 100% of formaldehyde, benzene and toluene as well as remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungus in the air, while reducing ozone generator in an innovative way.

Plasma Ionizer Principle 

Formation of plasma

discharge fieldForms plasma discharge field
by applying high voltage to
(+), (-) electodes, separates
water molecule to H+ and
O2- ions.

Formation of hydroxyl radical

High reactive hydroxyl radical is
generated by chemical reaction
between separated ion and
released electrons from (-) electrode

Reaction with virus in the air

High reactive hydroxyl radical
sterilizes reverting H+ ions
at the end of cell membrane of virus
and bacteria in the air
to water molecule.

Convenient Use

Users can operate it anytime and anywhere by connecting it to USB port and using touch on and off function.

Generation of Free Radical

The product applies high voltage to anode and cathode to decompose water molecules in air.
The water molecule(H_2 O) is decomposed into cation H^+and anion O_2^-.

Cell Attacked by free radicals

When the free Radical (O_2^-, OH^-, HOO^-  ect.), which is highly reactive, meets with harmful substances (e.g. viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.) in the air, it quickly encircles and oxidizes cell membranes and damages DNA, rendering them non-functional. When the free radical is reduced by taking away electrons, it becomes a water molecule again.

This process deactivates of removes harmful substances in the air.